The company was founded in 1956 by Luis Torrents, a qualified pharmacist and optician, who designed the first protective glasses for the managers of the Enasa-PEGASO lorry factory: the flagship of Spanish industry at that time. The glasses soon became a benchmark for the market and the company grew with new models and customers across Spain. Under Torrents’ successor, Mario Gorina, the company grew further, positioning itself as a leader in the high-quality industrial product segment. And, with the next generation, Iván Gorina, the founder's grandson, the company became international and entered the global market. Today the PEGASO brand has reinvented itself and, thanks to the company’s broad experience, it now designs high quality products for both sports and leisure, using specialised techniques and know-how to manufacture protective products for the most demanding situations. The range combines all the features and quality expected of protective eyewear with a very sleek design.  

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